News: The Last of Us Delay Gets Confirmation By Naughty Dog

A couple of days ago we told you how The Last of Us was likely going to suffer a delay and how Best-Buy had actually sent out emails to pre-order customers explaining that they wouldn’t be able to pick up their game on the expected release date. We weren’t completely sure if it was true or not, to be honest, I think we were all hoping that it was just a misunderstanding…

Unfortunately, it seems it’s all true. Naughty Dog themselves have released a statement on the Playstation Blog explaining the situation.

You can find what The Last of Us‘s lead game designer Neil Druckmann said below:

“As we entered the final phase of development for The Last of Us, we came to realize just how massive Joel and Ellie’s journey is. But instead of cutting corners or compromising our vision, we came to the tough decision that the game deserved a few extra weeks to ensure every detail of The Last of Us was up to Naughty Dog’s internal high standards.

As a team we pride ourselves on setting a very high quality bar for every aspect of our games – gameplay, story, art, design, technology and more. We want to make sure The Last of Us raises that bar even further – for ourselves, and most importantly, for you, our fans.”

As we expected, they’re taking a little bit of extra time to fine tune the game and make sure it is the best it can be, and really, you can’t fault them for it. The Last of Us looks like it’s pushing the Playstation 3 to its limits, shadowing out anything previously done on home consoles, so it’s only right they do a proper job. At the end of the day, wouldn’t you prefer to wait that extra month and get an amazing game, rather than get it now and find it full of bugs or unsightly areas that didn’t get the graphical polish as the rest of the game?

I know what I’d prefer…

The Last of Us is now due to release on June 14th, it’s not that long, not really.

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Annoyed by the delay? Or can you wait that extra six weeks for The Last of Us? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: Playstation Blog

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