News: The Last of Us Might Come To The PlayStation 4, Eventually

the-last-of-us-ps4The hype around Naughty Dog’s Sony exclusive title The Last of Us is growing by the day, with fans eager to know more and more about the upcoming title, everything from how long the campaign is to what the multiplayer will be like, though a new question has arisen since the announcement of the PlayStation 4; will The Last of Us see a release on the PlayStation 4?

It’s something a lot of people want to know, it’ll dictate whether they buy the game for the PlayStation 3 or wait a few months and get the PlayStation 4 version, thankfully, we’ve got a bit of information on whether it’s going to happen or not.

Arne Meyer of Naughty Dog recently took to the NeoGaf forums to answer the question, stating:

“Not at this time. We’re focused on shipping for PS3 – thinking about how to bring this over to the PS4 would distract us right now. IF that’s something we can and choose to do, I suspect it would happen once we release the game.”

So it sound like there’s no solid plans on bringing the Last of Us to the PlayStation 4 at the moment, though I think they’ll see what the sales are like for the PlayStation 3 and then make their decision on whether or not to port it to the PlayStation 4. One thing is for sure though, a lot of people are going to be playing it on their PlayStation 3, all the while imagining what it’d be like on the PlayStation 4, I know I will.

The Last of Us is set to release worldwide on June 14th for the PlayStation 3.

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Would you like to see The Last of Us on the PlayStation 4? Or does it not really matter to you? Let us know down in the comments section below.

Source: NeoGaf

    1. I would not be surprised to see it happen you know. Seriously though, how long will it be until current generation games get re-released as “Extra HD” collections for the PS4 and next Xbox??

      1. Given how much these companies like money, I’d say not long. I mean, it works very well for games that are older and could use a new coat of paint so that they look as good as you remember… but now? Unless they’re bundling them with all the titles released so far, or with games with similar themes, I don’t see a point. I think HD remakes are going to be a thing of the past soon… I mean, y’know, once they run out of games to HD and all.

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