News: There’s No Simple “Good” & “Bad” With Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 is shaping up to be an interesting first-person shooter to say the least. It has elephants. Elephants. So it’s safe to say it’s certainly not your run-of-the-mill shooter.

Elephants aren’t the only strange thing in Far Cry 4, what’s really got us captivated is the story. You play as Ajay, a native to the island on which the game is set, but whilst you eventually side with one of the warring factions on the island of Kyrat, it’s not all black and white. Instead it’s a bit more complicated than that, something we love in story-driven games.

Speaking on the Ubisoft Blog, Alex Hutchinson explained that Ajay is a conflicted character, confused at times and that players will be sharing that same confusion. “We like the idea that at least in that moment, the player and the character are one,” Hutchinson said, going on to further explain that “Ajay is interesting because in a first-person game you’re caught in this challenging spot where you don’t want to get in the player’s way too much. You really want as much as possible to allow the player to feel like they inhabit this world. We like the characters being representations of the player.”

In regards to the faction that the player joins in the fight against Pagan Min, Hutchinson states that “even though they’re the good guys, they’re kind of muddled about how they should achieve their aims,” and goes on to say “so the player will be able to choose which leader of the Golden Path they’re following. They both want to target Pagan Min, but how they do it, why they do it, and what the consequences will be are radically different.”

First-person shooters tend to lack character growth, often throwing you into the battle-worn boots of some macho soldier with a penchant for shooting people in the head every 9 seconds. Far Cry 4 looks to buck that trend by attaching you, the player, to the primary character. Ubisoft did a fair job with Far Cry 3 in terms of character development, so we’re excited to see how they fare to the task with Far Cry 4.

Far Cry 4 will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC and will be available from November 18th. Amazon UK is currently accepting pre-orders for the title with some bonus DLC in the form of the Blood Ruby DLC pack whereas Amazon US version includes a free upgrade to the Limited Edition when you pre-order, including 3 bonus missions.

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