News: Titanfall 2 May Be Next-Gen Only,”High Fidelity 3D Animation” Key To “Defining The Next Generation”

Respawn Entertainment’s second installment in the Titanfall franchise may only see a release on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

A job posting for a senior animator at the development studio suggests that the sequel to the well received Titanfall may be breaking free from the constraints of the last-generation of games consoles.

The job listing, which you can find below, says that Respawn Entertainment believe “animation is a key part of defining the next generation of games” as well as explaining that animators are no longer mere technicians but are instead integral parts of the working machine that is storytelling.

Our animation department prides itself on having a high quality bar. We strive for excellence and beyond, and are always seeking ways to take our work to the next level. We believe that animation breathes life into a game. We believe that animation is a key part of defining the next generation of games and bringing about their most memorable moments; moments that the gamers don’t simply sit back and watch, but moments that they live. Games have evolved to the point that animators must be true storytellers rather than just technicians. Respawn is looking for excellent animators who share our passions, and who will help us tell stories and express emotions through remarkable animations and gameplay.

In addition, the job demands that applicants be ready to “create high fidelity 3D animations for use in-game,” suggesting that Respawn will be going all out with Titanfall 2 in the terms of visuals.

This is by no means concrete proof that Titanfall 2 will be a next-gen only game, but it’s certainly looking promising for those who despise the idea of cross-gen releases for fear of the PS4/Xbox One versions being held back by the former generations capabilities.

Personally, I’m all for cross-gen releases but I don’t think it’d be terrible for Respawn to be allowed to flex their digital digits and really hit the PS4/Xbox One with all they’ve got.


  1. Cross gen isn’t necessarily bad if the game was ported by another studio, like the first one was and doesn’t eat into development time. PC version will still be miles better than the consoles though.

  2. I agree that cross-gen is bad only when it hinders the core game. It’s actually a term only really relevant for the past two generations. Correct me if I’m wrong, but no SNES game was ever a re-skinned NES game. There were two versions made by different studios to play to the strengths of the respective console. Hell, even Genesis/SNES games often had different development teams, and even different publishers, because ether hardware was so different.

  3. Won’t be next gen on anything if it is on the 10 year old Source engine again. (not dissing the engine but just you CAN’T call something next gen if it is on something that doesn’t use, well, next gen tech)

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