News: Ubisoft’s The Crew Features Some of the Dodgiest Car Damage On PS4; Has Assassination Missions

Ubisoft’s The Crew recently underwent a closed Beta testing period whereby select players were able to get some hands on time with the game way ahead of its general release, unfortunately it shows the Ubisoft may once again be about to deliver a sub-par product to their awaiting fans.

Youtuber TmarTn2 recently uploaded a few minutes of gameplay (video down below) from the closed Beta in which we can clearly see the player vehicle drive through a patch of grass only to come out of the oh-so-dangerous ordeal with one hell of a messed up ride. Not only that, but throughout the clip it can be seen that the vehicle can smash into more solid objects such as road barriers and signposts and not sustain nowhere near as much damage that gets dealt by the fearsome blades of grass.

Also it seems Ubisoft wasn’t so forthcoming in their description of the game – they never mentioned that you’d have to murder people with your car!

Yet, it seems Ubisoft can’t keep themselves from having assassinations of sorts within all of their games. During the video the player is given instructions to kill another driver, not another real-life player either, but instead an in-game character. Whether this is a common occurrence within The Crew is yet to be seen but it certainly adds a bit of spice to the open-world racing formula.

The Crew is available from December 2nd and will be releasing on the PS4, Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360. You can pre-order your copy from Amazon.

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  1. The Crew was bad in general IMO, extremely boring, repetitive mission, and the driving doesn’t feel tight enough. I never felt as if I have decent control over any of the cars I was using in the Beta. One slight move and it feels as though my car would spiral out of control.

  2. The quest is to kill the driver, but the character instead decides not to kill the driver and puts them into witness protection its apart of the storyline. The thing about the damage the game is arcade its not real life think of it as NFS similar over the top storyline and game-play like NFS MW/NFS The Run. This game is apart having fun and imo its needed all the other racers on the scene atm are focusing on physics and graphics i care more about gameplay and socializing with my mates online roaming and cruising the streets

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