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News: Uncharted 4 Dev: Ultimate Development Goal Is To Get Best Game In Players Hands, Not Best Animations

This year’s GDC will feature a panel on women in gaming, with a fair amount of focus going on animating women characters in video games.

Ubisoft received a lot of flak last year when they stated that female assassins in their Assassin’s Creed: Unity weren’t possible because of the financial costs behind animating a character of the fairer-sex.

According to Naughty Dog’s Jonathan Cooper (Uncharted 4 animator,) it’s not that hard to animate female characters.

Speaking in a new podcast the Uncharted 4 animator discussed how easy it is to animate female characters in games.

Cooper explains that Assassin’s Creed III and its PS Vita counterpart Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation shared animations across the two playable characters Aveline and Conner. The Scottish developer claimed that it was fairly easy to share the animation features between the two characters and that despite their differing genders it was easy enough to add features to Aveline to make her her own womanly character.

He also speaks about the animation effects that go into games and how some of his previous colleagues would fret over getting animations perfect, something Cooper thinks isn’t the biggest issue with a game and shouldn’t be the focus.

“The ultimate goal is to get the best game in their [players] hands, rather than getting the best individual animations.”

Many players will happily take great gameplay over graphics and fancy animations any day of the week. Just take a look at the likes of Minecraft and Thomas Was Alone. Both feature fairly simplistic animations with the latter being absolutely minimal, yet they’re two of the highest rated games of all time.

Maybe other developers should take note: less fancy shine, more awesome gameplay.

Jonathan Cooper’s latest game is Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End which is due out later this year, something he mentions in the podcast exclaiming “we gotta ship this sucker.”

We’ll have to wait and see if his philosophies are present in Uncharted 4, we’d love to see if he practices what he preaches because it would be a shame if Uncharted 4 were to look the part in the graphics department, but suck in terms of gameplay.

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  1. “The ultimate goal is to get the best game in their [players] hands, rather than getting the best individual animations.”

    1- you lie about the graphic
    2-you lie about 60 fps
    3-then you lie about the animation
    4-what else ? huh ? lol its all about marketing people.

    1. Just to correct you, matey.

      60 fps was a target and no more, so there was no lie to speak of. If on the other hand they said we will not compromise losing 60fps, then they lied. So why don’t you think before you say.Also, development changes all the time so nothing is set in stone!

      Now l want you to explain to me what you think is downgraded in a graphical sense and what they said that is lies to you?

      What lie about animation are you getting at?

      Finally, a GPU is what renders what you see on screen, but what you see on screen isn’t always about visual detail, remember that littlesungin! Graphics computations don’t just use cycles on visual detail but also AI programing and physics and special effects like lighting, shadow, weather and many many more.

      So, littlesungin, what’s your comeback, boy? What have you learned today?

  2. Ah the trolls are feasting again as per usual… it`s like the swallows returning to Capistrano… so endearing.

    Can we wade through the crap here?

    1st – The dude was talking about the ease of animating both female and male characters while working on an Assassins creed game. During a panel that was in response to people being upset with the Assassins creed games. But since no ones going to click on news for Assassins Creed we need to somehow link this to UC4, a game people actually care about so lets jump on the fact that the dude is NOW animating for ND and make that the graphic and title of the article to draw more people in… hey, worked on me so good on ya.

    2nd – Now that you’ve made that link, lets imply that they don’t care about how the animations of their characters look in Uncharted 4… even though it has NOTHING to do with the original statement or what Jonathan was talking about at the time…. and think that it will hold water… Really… Naughty Dog doesn’t care about animations of it’s characters? Been a frequent complaint for Naughty Dog has it… who are you kidding!

    So Now that the Order is almost shipped it’s time to start shifting the hate to the next big launch… it’s expected. It’s nothing new. It’s the same people who bitched and moaned and crapped on the Uncharted games and the Last of Us prior to release… and after release.

    Your whining and moaning didn’t stop any of those games being awesome…. and lets be honest for a moment. The worst piece of crap slapped together game on steam, is still worth more than a thousand bitching commenters on game sites (me included) because they are creating something. They are adding to the world. They are putting time, effort and heart into making something for others to enjoy and when masterfully done, like Naughty Dog… revel in awe.

    I am thankful for Bethesda, Bioware, Rockstar, that Game Company, Valve, Telltale, Naughty Dog and all the other amazing game developers who bust their ass to make amazing games to play on lots of different platforms and machines.

    Any one person at any of these companies is worth more than all the internet trolls combined… but hey guys… keep on trollin’.

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