News: Watch_Dogs Up And Running On Wii U, Gamepad Features Still Undecided

Watch_Dogs_52879 (1)Dominic Guay Senior Produced has stated that Ubisoft: Bucharest already have Watch_Dogs up and running on Wii U. Guay also stated that the Gamepad features have yet to be decided, though the game’s themes of hacking with mobile devices is seen as a natural fit for the controller. He also revealed that all the game’s social features will be all be possible on Wii U.

“We’re still investigating how we’ll use the tablet on the Wii U, but with the things I mentioned before, for us it’s not going to be a weird stretch.”

“It’s natural. What’s really cool with Watch_Dogs, when we start thinking of those devices, it’s not a weird abstraction, it’s not like I’m a space alien and now I’m using a tablet. Why am I doing that?

“Aiden Pearce is using a device to control the city, so it’s quite easy to imagine what we could do with that.”

Ubisoft have also stated that the game is being developed “natively” for the next generation hardware and will optimised for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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