News: Where To Pre-Order Your Xbox One

microsoft-xbox-oneWith the anticipated release of the Next-Gen Xbox One console the question now on gamer’s lips is: Where am I going to pre-order my Xbox One from?

Yesterday, ASDA opened up its Xbox One pre-orders, charging a £20 fee to buy a discount voucher for the console which also reserves a launch unit on the day of release.

xbox one voucher 2

The way that this voucher works is that by purchasing it, customers with a voucher can use it on the console’s launch day to buy the Xbox One at a discounted price as well as giving these voucher holders priority in delivery.

As well as this customers have the ability to cancel their pre-order at any time and get their £20 back. Sounds pretty handy doesn’t it?

ASDA joins retailers such as Game and Blockbuster in offering this £20 discount offer to reserve a console.

With quite an opposite approach, online retailers such as Zavvi and Amazon have set their own pre-order prices for the console rather than using this voucher method; this commits you to spending a large amount in comparison to the former. With Amazon setting a placeholder price of £599.99 (subject to change) let’s all hope that the console does not end up reaching those pricey heights.

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Where would you order your Xbox One from? Would you pay £599.99 for the next-gen console? Had any terrible experiences with pre-ordering a console? Let us know in the comments below

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