News: Wii U sells 40,000 On UK Launch Weekend, Almost Out Of Stock

wii u sells 40,000The Wii U has managed to sell 40,000 units within its debut weekend here in the United Kingdom. The number may not seem so high but the majority of retailers were sold out by the end of launch day. Nintendo are trying to provide more stock as fast as possible, stock levels should be calm come the New Year but for now if you plan on buying a Wii U as a present for Christmas and you spot one, don’t hesitate to pick it up, because you may regret passing by.

As well as the console selling well (despite stock levels) the games struggled to meet the UK’s top ten too. this may not be a shock since the system didn’t sell great numbers so its only natural for the launch titles to have the same effect, still considering the situation, Nintendo Land came in at number 11, New Super Mario Bros. U came in at number 14 and Ubisoft’s survival horror title, ZombiU, debuted at number 17.

Did you manage to pick a Wii U up at launch? If so which games did you buy? Let us know in the comments below.

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