News: You Won’t Be Able To Rent Your Own H1Z1 Server, Not During Early Access Anyway

PC players are graced with the good fortune of being able to do something about online-lag, annoying ten-year old’s and whatever takes their fancy really, whereas console players are at the mercy of the Gods, so to speak.

The perks of playing on the PC platform are many, but one in particular makes it all the much better for online play, at least for those dedicated to gaming online – servers.

A lot of games released on the PC support player servers, so you’ll get the game then rather than play on public servers you can rent your own server and make your own rules and they’re generally considered a better option than traditional matchmaking by providing a smoother online experience.

This is actually something very common and you’d have thought that H1Z1 would support it, but according to the community manager for the game there’s to be no server renting.

Answering a fans question over on the Steam community forums, SOE_Legion, the community manager with the strange moniker, stated “nope, we will be handeling all the servers on our side. No ability to rent your own at least during Early Access,” when asked by a fan if players will be able to rent their own servers.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to in the future when the game gets a full release, but for now you’re stuck on the SOE provided servers. Lets hope they can handle the pressure…

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