News: You Won’t Lose Your Progress With Minecraft On Xbox One

Some good news for those looking forward to getting stuck into Minecraft on the Xbox One, you’ll be able to transfer your Xbox 360 save game to your shiny new console.

Phil Spencer confirmed the news today on Twitter, much to the delight of many Minecraft and Xbox One owners.

“After months of teaming up with Mojang, we can confirm that Minecraft X360 Edition will save transfer to Xbox One Edition…more news soon!”

That’s quite a handy feature to have, some people have spent a good deal of time in their Minecraft worlds and it’d be a crying shame to lose progress because you’ve decided to upgrade your console.

Still, the tweet from Phil Spencer leaves more questions, what’s with the “more news soon!” part of the Tweet? Is there more to the story? We’ll just have to wait and see…

Happy that you won’t be losing your progress? What do you reckon the follow up news could be? Grab your pickaxe and mine your comments down below.

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Source: Twitter

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