News: Xbox Chief: Today Was The “Beginning” With “More to Come”; Custom Controllers For Xbox One/PC Play

Yesterday Microsoft unveiled their new Windows 10 operating system along with a slew of information on upcoming Xbox One products, all of which will be featured in a summary for those who missed the live-stream of the event.

According to the Xbox chief Phil Spencer, this is just the start for the firm in terms of new announcements between the Windows and Xbox platforms.

You’ll have to excuse his minor spelling error in the tweet above. It’s more than likely he was still shaking from the adrenal rush of being on the stage addressing fans like some sort of tech-rockstar.

One of the major things that was spoken of during the event was the connection between Microsoft’s Windows 10 and their home console, the Xbox One.

The firm announced that you’ll be able to stream your games from the Xbox One to other compatible devices around the homes, similar to PS4’s remote play.

The good news is that you won’t be confined to using the Xbox One controller.

PC gamers are afforded the luxury of custom controllers, something the disable gaming community hugely support. Many gamers who have injuries or defects with a limb can still enjoy playing games thanks to modified controllers that allow for customisable input, something the Xbox One doesn’t allow for.

However, players who have difficulties with the Xbox One controller may be able to ease their playing experience using the streaming feature which, according to Phil Spencer, should allow the use of custom controllers. Hurrah!

So could you end up using a mouse and keyboard? Maybe, it’s not impossible and I’m sure there are some tech wizards out there who’ll be able to turn some 1’s and 0’s into a working code that allows for it.

Not everybody would be too pleased with that though, especially online players in twitch shooters such as Call of Duty and Battlefield where keyboard and mouse controls offer greater accuracy than the traditional controller.

Would you be interested in alternate control methods for your Xbox One games? Or do you think the playing field would become a bit unfair? Let us know down below.

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  1. Nothing against the disabled but some other people are unbelievably entitled though. Of course all the Xbox One games are not coming to the PC. They still need exclusive software to sell their consoles.

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