News: Xbox One Services Partially Restored Whilst PSN Users Still Struggle To Get Online

It’s been a hectic couple of days for the technicians over at Microsoft and Sony after the – pardon the crude language on this occasion – arseholes known as Lizard Squad claimed responsibility for taking down both service on Christmas day.

There’s some good news though. If you’re an Xbox One or Xbox 360 owner then you’ll probably be able to get online right now and enjoy the wealth of content available to you. The Xbox Live service status page indicates that all is well again with the service, excluding a couple of apps, but the main thing is that you are now finally able to get online and enjoy what you pay for.

PSN users have also reported mixed success with getting back online and Sony has tweeted that the services are “gradually” coming back online.

Many users are still unable to connect to the PSN, though hopefully this is just part of the “gradual” repairs of the service. If you’re unable to get online right now you may be able to get online sometime later on in the day.

Are you able to get online with Xbox Live or the PSN? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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