News: You Can Pre-Order PlayStation 4 At Asda, Expected This Christmas

playstation-4-dualshock-4For £20 you guarantee yourself a shiny new PlayStation 4 from UK retailer Asda.

Asda seems to expect the PlayStation 4 to release in the UK around Christmas time this year as stated in the terms and conditions.

“The current expected date of release made by Sony is Christmas 2013. Asda make no Guarantees that this is correct or will not change and Asda shall not be held responsible if Sony change or delay the release date of the Sony PlayStation 4 in the UK and or limit stock.”

There’s no price given for the full console as Sony hasn’t released the price lists yet, though UK video game retailer GAME had the console priced at £399.99 back in February. This price has since been removed, but you able to pre-order with GAME for the same amount as you would with Asda, £20.

Just about everybody is taking pre-orders for the PlayStation 4, but Asda is the first UK supermarket to offer customers the choice to pre-order now. Also bear in mind that the release date isn’t definite, we still don’t know exactly when or where the PlayStation 4 will release although Sony did say that at least one territory would be receiving the console before Christmas this year.

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