News: If You’re Trapped In The Talos Principle Then Congratulations, You’re A Filthy Pirate

Games these days are so easy to pirate, especially PC games. It’s a sad and unfortunate truth, even when PC games are generally a lot cheaper than their console counterparts.

Take The Talos Principle as the latest example. The first-person adventure/puzzle title has recently released on the Steam platform and it’s received an overwhelmingly positive response from the community. People are posting the forums, helping each other out – generally being the kind of gamers we all wish we knew.

However, some users have taken to the Steam forums to complain about an apparent ‘bug’ within The Talos Principle which sees players get stuck inside an elevator (or a lift, if you’re British.)

This isn’t a bug, it’s actually there by design to foil those who opt not to purchase the game and by taking to social networks and forums they’ve unwittingly revealed themselves as pirates. Good job guys.

It’s not the first case of this we’ve heard, Far Cry 4 actually had a feature of sorts to deter pirates as did EA’s The Sims 4.

You can buy The Talos Principle from Steam for a very reasonable price here.

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