News: If You’re Trapped In The Talos Principle Then Congratulations, You’re A Filthy Pirate

Games these days are so easy to pirate, especially PC games. It’s a sad and unfortunate truth, even when PC games are generally a lot cheaper than their console counterparts.

Take The Talos Principle as the latest example. The first-person adventure/puzzle title has recently released on the Steam platform and it’s received an overwhelmingly positive response from the community. People are posting the forums, helping each other out – generally being the kind of gamers we all wish we knew.

However, some users have taken to the Steam forums to complain about an apparent ‘bug’ within The Talos Principle which sees players get stuck inside an elevator (or a lift, if you’re British.)

This isn’t a bug, it’s actually there by design to foil those who opt not to purchase the game and by taking to social networks and forums they’ve unwittingly revealed themselves as pirates. Good job guys.

It’s not the first case of this we’ve heard, Far Cry 4 actually had a feature of sorts to deter pirates as did EA’s The Sims 4.

You can buy The Talos Principle from Steam for a very reasonable price here.

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  1. Not that I think piracy is morally right but I find it laughable people like this writer and anyone else who calls people filthy pirates as it’s in all likelihood that you’re all hypocritics. Watched an unofficial music video on youtube? pirate, borrowed a game from a friend? pirate and then you have all the other kinds of piracy which I find it very hard to believe if you spend any serious amount of time on the internet you haven’t done at some point at least once. These are just more socially accepted forms of piracy but it doesn’t change anything…

    So before you sit on your mighty high horse calling other people filthy pirates, reflect on your past internet history and you yourself will know that you aren’t as squeaky clean as you like to think you are.

    1. Actually, borrowing a game from a friend with that friends permission is not piracy if you have a physical copy. Taking the game without permission is not piracy, but stealing. Sort of the same thing. Watching an unofficial music video by going to open site like YouTube where you don’t have to login is not piracy on the part of the consumer. The piracy is on the part of YouTube or whomever uploaded it. That is why YouTube overreacts to Take down notices. And by the way, it is “hypocrites” not “hypocritics” – at least in the way you used it in the sentence.

      1. You’re definition of piracy is clearly incorrect and honestly are you really going to correct my grammar on one spelling mistake…I really don’t understand why people feel the need to do this as if it strengthens their argument.

        That’s not how piracy works I’m afraid, if you watch a unofficial music video that’s piracy on your part whether through ignorance or on purpose. Borrowing a game with permission is essentially piracy, it’s just tolerated (Microsoft proved with the initial release of xbox one that they clearly weren’t happy about it). You’re giving a copy of the game for someone to play without paying for it.

        By your logic I wouldn’t be a pirate if I download a copy of talos principle because it’s the responsibility of the website uploaded to it + the uploader.

        1. Actually before I replied I looked up the definition of piracy and it requires more than WATCHING a publicly available video. At the same time if you own an illegal physical copy then it is theft, which is sort of the same thing. However, in numerous cases if the physical copy is legitimately owned you can do whatever you want with it. That is why you’re allowed to trade it in. As for the “hypocrites” comment I wasn’t trying to bring you down I was only commenting on it. I only realized it was wrong when my spell check had a problem with the word when I would have used myself.

          1. I think you’re missing my point, just because we give it a different legal precedence doesn’t change the fact that it’s the exact same act being committed.

            Letting your friend borrow a film is “legal” but showing that film to an entire audience of people it suddenly stops being so. I’m only pointing out the fact that society is telling you to view one instance of something as fine and the other as reprehensible, even though it’s the same act being committed.

            How is lending someone a game to play from beginning to end any different than someone copying a digital version of that game for you to play. How is watching an unlicensed music youtube video different from downloading the exact same soundtrack from a torrent site?

            If it’s the act of copying it, well then does the crime become invalid as long as I delete the copy after using it? I’m just not seeing a particularly clear distinction between the two examples.

          2. If you can go to YouTube, watch the video, and do nothing more than that then you haven’t committed ANY crime. That is a fact. However, depending on content it could be consider unethical or immoral. You didn’t provide details just said it was illegal or piracy and that was it. Without details of your thinking it definitely is not true that it is necessarily wrong or illegal. A legal physical copy of anything whether it be a book or video game doesn’t matter. Possession is 9/10th of the law and we have 200+ years of common law that back up this with numerous court decisions. If you suddenly find the physical copy you own is stolen then it could be considered unethical and illegal to NOT report it, but I wouldn’t call it immoral.

      1. You’ll forgive me if I simply say I don’t believe you, end of the discussion really since you or I can’t prove otherwise.

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