Newsday Crossword Answers for September 28 2022

The Newsday Crossword is a popular branch of the Long Island & New York publication, Newsday, which has been published since September 1940. A bit about the publication first, Newsday is a strong Long Island advocate, investing into the island’s future with a 130,000 square foot state-of-the-art TV studio. The publication costs $1 for five months, and then $6.99 a week from there onwards, meaning to play the Newsday Crossword, you must be a paying subscriber of the Newsday publication.

However, if you are a paying subscriber, you can enjoy the many puzzles on offer within the Newsday website or the app. The Newsday Sunday & daily crossword has been a popular go-to for many years, with the American puzzle creator, Stanley Newman, being the editor of the Sunday crossword since 1988 and the Newsday daily since 1992.

The Newsday Crossword essentially works in a way where you get 10 points for each correct word, but revealing letters or words will cost you points, and if you reveal a word entirely, you get no points at all. The crossword has a target time of 15 minutes to complete the puzzle, and you get 15 bonus points for every full minute you are under the target time.

With that in mind, we know you’re here for some help on today’s more complicated clues, which is why we’ll cut straight to the chase. Below you will find a list of all the Newsday Crossword Clue Answers for September 28 2022, you will need to click into each clue to reveal the answer.

Newsday Crossword Clue Answers for September 28 2022

Below are all the clue answers for today’s puzzle, but remember to click into each clue to find the answer, to avoid the chance of seeing answers to clues you wanted to figure out yourself.

We hope that helped, and you managed to solve today’s Newsday Crossword within the 15-minute time slot and got as many points as possible. Make sure to check back for tomorrow’s Newsday crossword clue answers.

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