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Next Rocket League PS4 Patch Should Cure Overheating Issues and More; Could Release on Xbox One

Rocket League is without a doubt one of the most bonkers game we’re played in a long while. Released for free as part of the PlayStation Plus update for July, Rocket League has been very well received by players and critics.

Unfortunately, not everyone is having a ball (pun intended) with the football/RC car mash-up. Some players have reported that leaving the game in the main menus for more than a few minutes causes the PS4’s fans to go into overtime, creating a whole lot of noise and, in some cases, console malfunctions.

Thankfully the game’s developers have been listening to fan feedback and have detailed a few changes that will be comingĀ  in the next patch for Rocket League on PS4. There will be a bit more under-the-hood optimisation to reduce fan-noise as well as some fixes for the embarrassingly bad translations for non-English speaking players.

The first major patch will also get rid of the annoying “cannot connect to server” messages that players are receiving, even when they are able to join games.

In addition to the fixes mentioned above, a ton of new flags will be added to the game so that players can represent their country with pride. Or play terribly as a rival nation…

The update is due to be submitted for certification in the next couple of days and should be released before the first big DLC gets released, so don’t fret if you’re having issues.

Currently the game is only available on PS4 and PC, though the developers have stated that they are eager to work with other platforms, but as they are relatively small team, resources, time and demands play a big part. So there’s still hope that Rocket League may release on Xbox One at some point, just don’t expect it to be anytime in the near future.

If you’ve not yet taken on the world in Rocket League, you need to sort it out. The game is currently free for PS Plus subscribers and will remain so until August’s PS Plus offerings go live.

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  1. LOVE Rocket League – it’s been pretty much a constant fixture on the PS4 since it dropped. Split screen couch gaming at its finest and Seasons are even fun. Looking forward to the DLC and playing this game for a long time!!

  2. Amazing game and one of those gems Micro$oft missed out on with their stupid parity clauses. Thanks for nothing Micro$oft, you greedy shitbag company!

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