Nintendo eShop UK releases 07/02/13 – Mega Man 2, Sonic Racing…

nintendo_eshop_wii4This week for us over here in the UK there isn’t a great deal of content coming to the Nintendo eShop, and no new content on the Wii U at all, sadly.

A handful of Nintendo 3DS titles to choose from though, such as the much delayed Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed, and a nice addition to the NES Virtual Console: Mega Man 2.

Check out the full list of what’s coming in the list below:

Wii U

  • N/A


  • Real Heroes: Firefighter 3D –  Zordix, £8.99  (Available DEMO)
  • Sonic And All Stars Racing Transformed – Sega, £29.99
  • Mega Man 2 – Capcom, £4.49
  • Fractured Soul (Demo) – Endgame studios, free
  • The Beet Party: Jurassic Fridge – Redrover, 89p


  • Sengoku 2 – D4, 900 Points


  • N/A

Anything on the 3DS front grab your eye? Sonic Racing is looking great! Maybe you’d like to revisit the classic Mega Man 2 or experience the hard as nails platformer for the first time?! Let us know in the comments below.

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