Nintendo’s 24 Days of Christmas Deals Are Now Live – Mario Shell Keyring? You Need This

While Sony are off gallivanting around the shop with their 12 Deals of Christmas, it turns Nintendo have a little something up their sleeves too. It’s called – drum roll please – 24 Days of Christmas. The sale consists of 24 discounts on random Nintendo merchandise and lasts from now until Christmas. We’re very excited to tell you it even includes socks, the perfect gift for all occasions.


What can you purchase with your coins? Well, a 2DS with a copy of New Super Mario Bros. 2 and a t-shirt for £79.99. You can buy your very own Bullet Bill “Wham” t-shirt for £11.99, or perhaps a £27.99 Zelda hoody if that’s more your style. That Mario Shell Keyring that you just know you need in your life? £3.74 and it’s all yours.

Anyway there’s no point in us spoiling all the deals for you, so go check them out here.

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