Nintendo’s First Smartphone Game Miitomo Will Make Money via In-Game Clothes Purchases, Promos Begin 2016

It seems like a day and an age ago that we predicted Nintendo would enter the smartphone gaming market. It was part of our predictions piece for 2015 (2016’s coming soon!) and we’re fairly proud to say that we were spot on the money with some stuff, including Nintendo’s new-found love for the mobile platform, despite it eating away at those handheld console profits.

The first Nintendo smartphone game is called Miitomo and it seems to take cues from the popular Nintendo 3DS game Tomodachi Life with its social aspects and what not. DeNA’s Moriyasu recently spoke with Wall Street Journal about Miitomo, the free-to-play smartphone game in development, and revealed that the game will make money via the selling of character clothes. Basically, if you want to kit out your digital avatar to look just as you want it to, you can pay for the privilege.

There’s not much known right now about the game, but Moriyasu stated that promotional marketing will begin in 2016, and that he’s been spending some time with the game and that it has a “distinct Nintendo feel about it”. We’re excited, bring it on, Nintendo.