Nintendo’s iOS & Android App Miitomo Delayed?

Miitomo – Nintendo’s first entry into the mobile industry – may be struggling with a western release date. Since the first reveal of it’s expected release date, March, the official site no longer states March at all.

Now, sure, we may be jumping the gun on this one but seeing we’re now approaching the very end of March, this speculated guess isn’t so farfetched. The only other alternative would be the reasoning of the application being release imminently; and that Nintendo are simply updating this information accordingly.

How the site now displays Miitomo, as opposed to a banner stating a March release prior


Miitomo is essentially a social networking application based on the homage of the Tomadachi Life series. The app is based on users using their own curated individual avatar, also known as a ‘Mii’, to socialise and interact with friends in a different take on instant messaging – with unlockables, AR features and more.

Miitomo launched in Japan 2 weeks ago and has performed extremely well, with over 3 million downloads in just 3 days.


Source: Nintendo Everything