Nitpicking At Vita’s Playstation Plus

So as well all know, Sony has recently announced that Playstation Plus will coming to Vita on November 20th. While this news is awesome, I noticed again that some of the perks included in the package is automatic trophy syncing and automatic updating.

While these are great and all, I can’t imagine why Sony is not making these features free for everyone. I don’t imagine the automatic syncing and updating being that extra feature that make consumers buy into PS Plus, but instead all those free games that come with it.

Think of it, if you’re buying into PS Plus, are you buying just to avoid having to wait 5 minutes for an update every 70th time you turn your Vita on, or for the ability to play Uncharted: Golden Abyss completely free of charge?

Sony’s been really good to all of us lately, so why not continue with this, making everyone happy, and make the syncing and automatic updating free for everyone? PS Plus subscriptions won’t change at all, and it’s like the only reason they added this exclusively to PS Plus was for when it launched it was the only attractive feature, as everything else was pretty crappy.

Hopefully Sony will realize they don’t need to make everyone pay for a feature any more that should be free by now any ways.

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