No Man’s Sky Gets a Release Date and Special Edition Details

It’s finally happened: No Man’s Sky has finally secured itself a release date, and best of all is that it’s not going to be too long of a wait until we’re all flying aimlessly around the digital universe that Hello Games has crafted.

Sony and Hello Games have announced that No Man’s Sky will release on June 21 in North America and June 24 in the UK and Europe. Sorry non-Americans – you’re just going to have to make do with watching the inevitable slurry of gameplay videos that will come after the North American release.

That’s not even the end of the good news. Sony is planning to go all-out with No Man’s Sky on PS4 by putting out a special edition for those who want more than just the game. The special edition will include a bunch of extras that range from in-game goods to real life materials that you can actually hold, lick, and cuddle. Sounds pretty sweet to us lot – we do love a good cuddle with something special.


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