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No Man’s Sky Has Multiplayer, But Sean Murray Would Prefer That We All Just Forget It

No Man’s Sky finally has a release window, but despite knowing when it’ll launch, there’s still a hell of a lot we don’t really know about the game. Hello Games has been playing its cards very close to the chest in many respects, more so in relation to the game’s multiplayer side of things.

When asked how much of the game is multiplayer, Sean Murray said, “yeah, you trade with the galactic economy and stuff like that. Erm, like, we really, like, very careful to downplay any multiplayer aspects and in some I just feel like saying there is none, forget about multiplayer” before going on to explain that “it’s not an MMO. It’s not a game you sit down and play with your friends. There are loads of games that do that and they’re way better at it than us. If you want a death match, No Man’s Sky is not for you.”

The man with a fondness for the work ‘like’ goes on to say, “we want you to feel that other people are playing the game at the same time, and perhaps the way that you’ll see that is the fact that this universe is being explored; you go to other places and see that they might have already been named, other interaction that you have and things that they’ve left behind for you – that we haven’t talked about – but you get the feeling that this isn’t a completely empty universe. There are other explorers in there with you. And yes, it’ll be possible for you to come across someone,¬†we want those moment’s, but that’s not what the game’s about.”

So, there you have it. Don’t expect to be running around XxXPusSySlayerXxX’s planet with the intention of chopping his head off.

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  1. This is why Sean Murray doesn’t like talking to the media. Everything he says is misinterpreted, as if he’s speaking to a group of orangutan’s that are busy flinging their feces around the room at each other, not
    understanding a word he’s saying.

    He’s been quite clear on the whole issue, yet these brain dead mopes still can’t seem to grasp the simple concept. Typical.

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