No More Wii Games From Nintendo?…

… Nwii consoleot for now at least. Speaking about the Wii, Bill Trinen, director of product marketing over at Nintendo of America has said in an interview with GameSpot that the company isn’t making any more Wii games now that the Wii U has launched. When asked if Nintendo is currently developing any Wii games or if they have any potential titles in the pipeline, Bill replied “No, there are not right now.”

For some this may not come as a big surprise since Nintendo had the same release mentality with the GameCube when the Wii launched back in 2006, but the Wii is a very wide spread owned system, there’s a lot of them out there still being played. Personally I think they should be focusing their time and resources on their latest console, but it would of course be wrong to completely neglect the system that has kept them going over the last 6 years.

Of course the console will still be seeing support from third party developers for quite some time to come, but the lack of Nintendo branded franchises will be a source of disappointment to loyalists of the humble console.

Would you like to see more games for the Nintendo Wii? Or do you think Nintendo should be focusing on their latest console? Let us know by sharing your opinions in the comment section.