North American PSN Flash Sale Goes Live With Massive Discounts on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita Games

North American PlayStation owners are once again in for a treat as the latest Flash Sale has gone live over on the PSN. You’ll be able to snag some great games at massively discounted prices for the PS4, PS Vita and the PS3.

So, what games are on offer? We won’t post the entire list of games (links to each console’s store page are down below,) but here are our highlights that you should definitely check out if you’ve got a few dollars sitting around, waiting to get spent. Oh, and hard drive space, of course.

PS4 Highlights

LEGO The Hobbit – $10

Shadow Warrior – $7.50 (Absolute must-buy!)

How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition – $3.80 (Must-buy for zombie-slaying fans.

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PS3 Highlights

Myst – $2.40

Game of Thrones Season Pass – $12.50

Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen – $13.20

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PS Vita Highlights

Pocket RPG – $5.25

New Little King’s Story – $5.00

Mind Zero – $10.00

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Remember that it’s only running until June 29th, so if you want to grab a bargain, you need to do so over the weekend. Anything take your fancy in this week’s flash sale? Brag about your savings down in the comments section below.