Novel Romance Adventure Game B.I.N.D. Released in 145 Countries With English Support

A story about forbidden love behind bars…
Novel romance adventure game B.I.N.D. a story about forbidden love in a Prison released in 145 countries

On Tuesday, May 17, 2022, 5D released “B.I.N.D.” on iOS/Android, the first installment of its “mystery novel” series, in 145 countries, including Japan, with English and Japanese language options. This is a novel-type romance adventure game set in a prison in the near future, and portrays a love-hate drama between a tough new female guard, a friendly prisoner, and a senior guard who is both kind and strict.

What is the “Mystery Novel” series?

5D is a series of novel-type adventure games in which players enjoy dramatic romance with their favorite characters. You can check the other works of the publisher on their official website.

In a prison in the near future, a new system is being tested that will change the relationship between guards and prisoners. ……

It “connects,” “binds,” and “punishes”, the prison guards and the prisoners, and is a proof of their absolute existence.

Chips implanted in every person in the prison “links” them through physical contact with each other, allowing the guards to monitor the prisoners 24 hours a day.

This was supposed to create an overwhelming hierarchical relationship between guards and prisoners. until……

“B.I.N.D.” is a novel-type adventure game system, and everything is free, including tickets to read the story.

*Consumed tickets can be recovered over time or by viewing advertisements.

The storyline changes depending on the choices you make during the story, which also affects the stills (CGs) you can obtain. Play the game over and over again to get the ending of your choice and all the stills you can get.

“B.I.N.D.” game Overview

Genre: Love adventure game
Compatibility: iOS / Android (completely free)
Language: Japanese / English
Release date: Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Distribution countries: 145 countries and regions including Japan
Official Twitter:
Official hashtag: #oshinovel #oshinovel #bind

Download Link (Completely Free with English Support): App Store, Google Play