November PS Plus: Magicka 2 and The Walking Dead Season 2 Are Probably Your Big Games for the Month

PSPlusNovember 2015We’re still waiting on an official announcement from Sony HQ for November’s PS Plus games, but it looks like the biggest surprise is already out of the bag. Dutch retailer tweeted an image suggesting that Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season 2 and Magicka 2 would be given away as part of November’s PS Plus.

The image was only up for a brief amount of time before the tweeted was hastily deleted. Still, with the internet being a massive place and all that jazz, someone was bound to take a screenshot – and that’s exactly what happened. The image is down below, so give that a look over and decide if it’s authentic or not.

Usually we take all these kinds of leaks with the ol’ sodium – and we still are on this one, but it looks likely that we’ll get confirmation sooner rather than later.