NVIDIA’s GeForce 359.06 Driver Released for Just Cause 3 and Rainbow Six: Siege

Following up from yesterday’s news of the upcoming GeForce driver update, NVIDIA has gone ahead and released version 359.06 to the public today. These drivers are specifically aimed at gamers that are interested in, or are playing, December’s brand new releases: open-world mayhem simulator Just Cause 3 and tactical shooter Rainbow Six: Siege.

The drivers contain SLI profiles and optimizations for Rainbow Six: Siege, Fallout 4, and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. An SLI profile for Just Cause 3 is conspicuously missing. Shame, yeah?

You can download the new 359.06 drivers from GeForce Experience if you have an NVIDIA graphics card.

While you’re waiting for that SLI support, be sure to check out our review of Just Cause 3 here!

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