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Odd: This NES Kickstarter Has Made Over $20,000; Promises New Life For The Old NES

Do you still have a NES? Maybe it’s stowed away in the attic gathering dust, or maybe it’s sitting alongside your PS4/Xbox One, a proud reminder of days gone by. OK, that’s a little optimistic, it’s probably the former.

Chances are, you’ve probably got your old NES in the attic because it no longer works. That’s understandable, it’d be around 30 years old now, older than most of our readership actually!

What if you could play those 8-bit gems from the past? No, not on an emulator, but on the real thing with the original controller and the original hardware? Well, if your old NES is buggered and no longer reads the chunky cartridges which housed the greatest games ever made, then you’re in luck.

Arcade Works currently have a Kickstarter campaign for their product, the ‘Blinking Light Win.’ Unusual name? Definitely. Intrigued? Most likely.

The company is asking for $15,000 in backing for their device which replaces the original slot on the NES and allows you to relive your childhood, or adulthood if you gamed on one as a sprightly young man.

The campaign has actually already met its funding target of $15,000, surpassing it to reach a whopping $20,646 (correct at time of writing.)

You can back the project here and read more about the actual ins-and-outs of the BLW, there’s also a short clip below demonstrating the device, so if you’re interested you should probably take a peek.

Would you like to game on your old NES system? Or have you got no love for the golden era of gaming? Or do you simply prefer to have your old-school fix by the way of emulators on your phone, tablet or PC? Either way, we’d love to know so skip down to the comments and leave a, er, comment? Or a poem. Your choice, man.

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