Of Course GTA 6 is in Production, “Anonymous Sources” or Otherwise

GTA V delayed ps4
Not another delay rumour…

A report from Tech Radar suggests that Rockstar is working on GTA 6 and that production has started on the game, though apparently there’s no location chosen for the game yet.

Oh, and guess what? Water is wet, the sky is blue (except in Wales…) and grass is green. Essentially, I’m calling bullshit on this “report”. In my experience, anonymous sources tend to be non-existent entities that serve no real purpose than to generate the creator of the aforementioned “source” some hits to their website. It’s something we’ve seen in the past and it’s something we’ll keep on seeing in the future.

So, let’s get to the basics. The “report” is based on comments made by “a source close to Rockstar” that has spoken with Tech Radar. Apparently the “source” said that GTA 6 is in production but that no location has been chosen yet, though it’s believed the game will stay in the United States of America. What does this tell us?

Nothing more than I could have dreamed up on the shitter. Look:

Rockstar is making another GTA – Well, no bloody way. They’re just going to put the franchise to rest and start with something else. This is as obvious as Tuesday following Monday; two following one; night following day.

The game will stay in the United States – Well, duh. Dan Houser has stated in the past that the United States is crucial for the game and its humour; it just wouldn’t work anywhere else and that’s why we won’t see a GTA set in the UK, despite the constant wishes from (mainly) UK fans.

This is the equivalent of me saying: “Activision has got one of its studios on another Call of Duty game. It’s probably gonna have guns and stuff.” See? It’s easy enough to state the obvious and spin it in such a way to give it credibility, but what’s really well done is how the story was layered with the old, old information on a possible GTA taking place in Tokyo; it’s a nice deflection from the main “report”, isn’t it?

Basically, it’s a rumour that can’t be confirmed or denied. A rumour which can’t be confirmed or denied because Rockstar is so secretive and plays its PR game so well that we’ll only find out what it wants us to find out when it’s ready, not when some low-level employee decides to spill the beans to a website that isn’t primarily based on gaming. Also, if I was to be the guy who leaks such information, I’d probably tell a bit more than what could be guessed by your average video game enthusiast.

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