Official Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Xbox One Controller Goes on Sale

It’s becoming ever more popular these days for there to be controllers and consoles decorated for the latest releases. The Christmas just gone we saw the Darth Vader PS4 controller (which was a wee bit ugly) and we’ve also seen some others. The latest such controller is for the Xbox One and Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst.

The controller is decorated very simply in red and white, and if we didn’t know it was for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, we’d just assume that it’s just some randomly painted controller. Yes, it’s very minimalist, but if you like that kind of thing then all the best to you.

The controller is on sale via and will cost you around the same price as a regular controller, though this one is wired, not wireless. The controller is due to release on May 24th – the same day as Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. Handy, no?


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