Omen of Sorrow Announced for PS5, Switch, and Steam

With a very limited physical edition for consoles
omen of sorrow ps5 switch key art 1920x1080

With a very limited physical edition for consoles

Eastasiasoft and AOne Games have announced today that they’ll be bringing Omen of Sorrow to PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC (via Steam) as well as PS4, but there’s a catch with the latter.

Omen of Sorrow might be an unknown entity to most, but in the fighting game circuit, it is cult classic with a dedicated fanbase. The fighter is already available on Xbox One, having been released in September 2021, as well as PS4 and the Epic Games Store, but now it’s finally getting into the hands of PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Steam players.

The PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Steam versions will release digitally sometime later this year, though no exact release date has been announced. There will also be a very limited edition for the console versions of Omen of Sorrow, available exclusively through online Asian-market specialist, Playasia.

In fact, the listing for Omen of Sorrow on Playasia gives us a hint as to when we can expect AOne Games’ 2.5D brawler to drop; the product page states that the expected shipping date is June 2022. If you want to nab one of these super limited edition boxed copies, you can pre-order on Playasia. Pre-orders open on February 24th at 10AM ET/3PM GMT/4PM CET.

There is already a PS4 version out there and purchasable, but it is published by SOEDESCO, a Dutch publisher that specialises in indie releases, as well as its own internal projects.

Eastasiasoft will be publishing the game on PS4, too, but only in Asia. So, depending on where you live, the box you buy will have a different publisher name on the front. No big deal…

What is different is what’s coming as part of the game. This new re-release will expand on the original outing by revising some of the story content and adding new endings to the game’s Arcade mode. Players can also expect cross-platform online multiplayer action post-release, and all of this will come as a free update to existing versions of the game. Not bad. Now here’s a trailer so you can see what the heck Omen of Sorrow is all about.

or this expanded release, story mode content has been revised, and new endings have been added to arcade mode. The already released Xbox One version of the game will also receive this content as a free update. With so many new platforms on the horizon, cross-play online multiplayer will soon be made available across all versions of Omen of Sorrow.