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batman-arkham-origins-gameRiddle me this:
What happens when the “Worlds Greatest Detective” is not met with steady rock?

The announcement of a new Batman game developed butterfly’s in my stomach and that giddy feeling you get, much like a middle-aged woman with a ticket to a Take That concert. The revelation that Arkham Origins is going to be released excited me. I felt like a puppy with a new ball. However, much like a puppy with a new ball, I am cautious of this new toy.

Firstly, it is no longer being developed by RockSteady. This means that the previous artwork and aesthetic style of the Arkham games may not be present in Arkham Origins. This could mean no more overly seductive characters like Talia or Selina Kyle or incredibly badass outfits like Robin’s or Ra’s Al Ghul’s.

Also, this means that free flow combat and the stealth mechanics that we have become accustomed to may not appear or will appear but in a different, lesser form. I am concerned the gamer is going to go from being Batman to Homer Simpson in a cape (which in fairness, would be beyond brilliant for a TV show or a standalone game).

Warner Bros. have stated however that they are using RockSteady’s custom Unreal Engine to help keep the feel of Arkham Origins similar to the previous two games. Is this a wise choice on behalf of Warner Brothers?

The story will consist of an un-experienced Batman meeting many of his infamous nemesis for the first time, much like the “Tomb Raider Experience” (as I like to call it). In Lehman’s, they’re taking it back to the beginnings of what’s happened in their particular story, much like Tomb Raider, or Halo.

This could be a good move on behalf of Warner Bros. trying to get more people into the idea and story of Batman, problem is, when you play Batman games, you want to be Batman. You want the speed, strength, and assassin-like prowess. You want the intelligence, the super cool cowl and the gadgets. You want to be Batman and the symbol of fear he represents. You don’t want to be young Bruce Wayne in a leather suit, if you’re going to do that you may as well send it to Rockstar for a side mission in GTA V (remember the gimp mission in San Andreas?).

In fairness, after what happened in Arkham City and the Joker, they couldn’t exactly continue with any fulfilling storyline. There are rumours that Deadshot will be fully featured in Arkham Origins suggesting (to me) that other villains like Great White, Black Mask and the Ventriloquist could make an appearance.

As it’s a prequel, will we get introduced to a ‘Killing Joke’?

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Does it worry you that Rocksteady isn’t involved with Batman Arkham Origins?

[Editor’s note: This is the first post by Taylor Dempsey, our newest member of the team, be gentle!]

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  1. Well, considering that Rocsteady is going to be in a consultant relationship with the game, much like Media Molecule and Tarsier, I don’t see too much to worry about. Warner wouldn’t let them make something incredibly different, though, it will be simply because they’d have a different take on it. And Batman will still be the uber intelligent, capable, force of nature we know him to be, he would have to be in order to don the mask and fight crime in a one man war, even if he is a rookie. Personally, I’m more excited about the Batman Origins: Blackgate companion games for 3DS and Vita from Armature Studios. They used to be with Retro Studios, but went off on their own after a bit. After playing DKC Returns and the Metroid Primes, I have good faith in them.

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