Opinion: No, Microsoft Isn’t Buying Minecraft (If They Have Any Sense)

[Update 15/9/14 – Microsoft did actually end up buying Majong and Minecraft. The following post is nothing more than meaningless words, but feel free to enjoy them!]


Over the last couple of days there’s been rumours that Xbox One manufacturer Microsoft will be buying Mojang, the developers behind the world-wide multi-console hit Minecraft.

Rumours are suggesting that Microsoft will stump up around $2 billion dollars. Two. Billion. Dollars. Think about that for a minimum of thirty seconds and you’ll soon realise what a preposterous notion it is.

First of all, Mojang only has one major hit in their portfolio, Minecraft. Microsoft would basically be paying $2 billion dollars for one game. What could they do with it? Seriously, you’d have a hard time trying to find people who want Minecraft 2 or Minecraft 3 etc as Minecraft is designed to be just one game that gets steadily better with updates.

If Microsoft were to buy Mojang and attempt to turn it into a yearly franchise, they’d have a massive backlash on their hands. Ever since Minecraft came out players have been thrilled to have only paid one price yet received more game-changing updates than they ever would for a AAA Holiday season blockbuster.

Minecraft’s longevity is due to its ability to change and adapt through updates, not through releasing a rehashed game every year, a trend gamers are becoming increasingly aware of.

So, will Microsoft be buying Majoang and Minecraft? Or will they invest their $2 billion in multiple franchises or business ventures that promise a lot more return, I’m saying the latter.

What do you reckon? Do you really think that Microsoft would sink that much money into one game? Or do you think the rumour is just that – a rumour? Craft a comment down below.

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