Over 50 New Games Added to PS Now, Including Killzone, Resident Evil, and More (UK)

We’ve been whining for weeks that the UK version of Sony’s game streaming service, PS Now, has been lagging behind the North American app. Only a couple of weeks ago we saw 105 new games added to the North American subscription service while the UK got diddly-squat. Hard times.

We’re happy to report, however, that PS Now in the UK has received a new wave of games, over half of which have been added to the monthly subscription service. Previously, we could only play Killzone 3 via PS Now but the new update adds the first two games in the series to the monthly sub offerings, a vast improvement over their previous expensive rental-only status. There’s also Resident Evil – Code: Veronica X, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, and much, much more. It’s worth going to the app and having a nosey to see what’s new and what works best for you.

It’s good to see the service being updated, even if it’s still far behind than what our North American cousins receive. With more games being added, the value of PS Now will only get better. A subscription will currently set you back £12.99 a month, and it lets you play most of the 128 games that are currently available. There’s also the rental side of the service that allows you to pay only for what you play, but with prices ranging from £2.99-£7.99, it’s probably a more economically sound idea to go for the monthly sub.

Are you enjoying the PS Now service, or are you not convinced by the technology on show? What would you like to see added to the service in the future? Let us know in the comments below.

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