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PC Exclusive Shooter Hard Reset: Redux Rated for Xbox One and PS4 Release

Well, here’s something a little unexpected: Hard Reset will be releasing on the Xbox One and PS4 at some in the future. The game has recently been rated by the German ratings board, the USK, which awarded the game a rating of 18 due to the vast amounts of violence.

What’s weird is that the game won’t be released under the normal name of Hard Reset, but is instead titled Hard Reset: Redux. There’s nothing official yet, but we tend to trust those Germans, what with them being uber efficient and all that.

Hard Reset first released on the PC platform back in 2011 and was received quite well by the press and players, with many noting the similarities between the shooters of years gone by such as Quake and Unreal Tournament. Your host here is ashamed to admit that he’s never actually played the game, but perhaps that’ll change sometime this year?

We’ve reached out to the game’s developers to see if there’s anything more we should know, but in the meantime you can go ahead and assume this’ll drop on home consoles sooner rather than later.

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  1. Just another indie trying to cash in after the install base for the current gen is established. They SHOULD be nearly ready to release a sequel, or at least another entirely different game. I got the game when it first released on PC, and kept my attention for all of about 2 hrs…and only that long, because I was hoping it would get better quickly.

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