Persona 5 PS4/PS3 Releasing 2016 in Europe?

We’ve been working under the impression that Atlus’ highly anticipated Persona 5 would be releasing sometime later this year in the West (at least in North America.) Seems like a reasonable wait and it would coincide quite nicely with the release of Persona 4: Dancing All Night for the PS Vita.

However, seems to be think we Europeans won’t be getting our hands on Persona 5 until sometime in 2016, and that Square Enix will be publishing the the title in Europe. The online retailer recently posted the product listing page for the game with the release date of December 31st 2016 attached. Obviously the day and month are placeholders, but what’s gotten us trembling is that the retailer usually does this sort of listing – month/day/year – though usually the year is almost always accurate. For example, if Amazon knows a game is coming within a specific year, it’ll post the year along with the ’31st December’ date.

Hopefully this is just a cock-up by some sleepy Amazon worker who didn’t get a full siesta. Fans have waited long enough to get their grubby paws on Persona 5, so even a day longer is too long for the die-hard followers.

Persona 5 is slated to release sometime between October and December in Japan and North America. Atlus hasn’t even confirmed that Europe will be getting the game and the last we heard was that there wasn’t a publisher attached for EU distribution, but the mention of Square Enix acting as publisher ought to raise hopes a little – they published previous releases in Europe.

Atlus has been notorious for bringing its games to Europe a lot later than North America, so if it doesn’t release this year, we won’t be too shocked – just annoyed.

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