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Pictures: Check Out These High-Def CryEngine Renders Of Naughty Dog’s Jak II Fan-Remake

There are some seriously talented folks within the gaming industry, but there’s also some hidden talent just waiting to be picked up within the gaming community.

Take DeviantArt user Floordan as a prime example: he’s remaking Jak II using CryEngine and he’s recently released some breathtaking images of one of Naughty Dog’s most popular games.

Check out the images below and try not to cry too many tears of joy.

jak 2 remake orb jak 2 remake jak 2 renegade remake 2 jak 2 renegade remake

Whilst it’s extremely impressive, there’s a chance that he’ll be ordered to cease and desist on the grounds of copyright and what not. We’re hoping not, it looks amazing and we need more Jak in our lives.

Would you like to see a HD remake of Jak II? Or would you prefer Naughty Dog revisited the series with a new entry? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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