Pictures: What Happens When You Run Borderlands Through A Simplifier Filter?

PC players get the best toys, they really do. Whilst console players get some great features built into their machines and don’t have to worry about manually installing software, Windows 8 causing problems or forgetting to clear their search history, PC gamers get to play with some pretty fun tools.

Take the Simplify filters for example. One curios soul decided it would be fun to run Borderlands through the pricey filter and the results are quite remarkable. When stripped of all the little details that make the game world an exciting, vibrant and dangerous place to be, Borderlands looks almost serene when peeled back to the bone.

Check out the gallery of image below and see what you think.

Impressive, no? If anything it almost bears a striking resemblance to Telltale’s take on the Borderlands series.

What do you think? Good looking, or devoid of life? Know any other games that look strange/wicked/awful when run through filters? Let us know down in the comments section below.

via imgur