Pictures: Naughty Dog Lead Character Artist’s ‘Man of Steel’ Concept Arts Are Amazing

Naughty Dog has some of the most talented developers in the industry sitting under their roof, chiseling away at their latest projects, but what do they do when they get bored of staring at Nathan Drake’s mug all day? They create awesome fan-art of course!

Frank Tzeng, who is Naughty Dog’s Lead Character Artist has created some breathtaking graphics in the Uncharted games, but he’s also a fan of DC’s spandex loving alien Superman, or ‘Man of Steel’ if you prefer.

Check out some of his Man of Steel art down below.

man of steel game man of steel man_of_steel_head_detail

Superman hasn’t had a great career in the games industry, in fact it’s been pretty dismal to say the least. Superman 64 was a terrible mess that’s best left in the past and EA’s Superman Returns was a poorly executed idea that really needed some more love. It wasn’t the worst game ever, but it could have been much more. Maybe Naughty Dog should their two teams into three and bring us the super-hero games we need…

Would you play a Superman game? More to the point, would you throw your cash, bank cards and knickers at Naughty Dog if they ever announced a super-hero project? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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