Pink Yarn Yoshi Amiibo is Live on Amazon, Blue Yarn Coming Very Soon [Update]

The Pink Yarn Yoshi amiibo is live on after weeks of being teased to eager collectors.

The latest amiibo to drain wallets across the land has gone live with a price of $16.99 attached. The Pink Yarn Yoshi amiibo is a bit different from your typical amiibos in the fact that it’s not simply a plastic figurine.

Instead, it’s a, well, yarn amiibo. It’s in the name, ya’ know? Players are encouraged to take their Yoshi amiibo out and about outside the house, too, as is evident by the pictures posted on Amazon that show the little figures being used as decorative pieces for a handbag. At least it doesn’t look totally ridiculous…

The Blue Yarn Yoshi amiibo is expected to go live on within the next hour, so we’ll keep you updated as it happens.

You can get your expensive little toy here from Amazon.

[Update] The Blue Yarn Yoshi is now available on Amazon. You can get yours here.

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