Plants Vs. Zombies Developer PopCap Hiring For AAA Title

PopCap Games is hiring for a AAA console title. According to a job listing for a software engineer, the developer is seeking “an experienced generalist SE to build a AAA console title” in Burnaby, specifically noting that the position will involve working on “a broad range of game systems including, but not limited to: animation, audio, resource management, pipelines and visual effects.”

The listing adds that “the ideal candidate will also have experience working with the Frostbite 2 engine,” suggesting the game could involve the use of DICE’s Battlefield 3 engine, a version of which is also being utilized in Dragon Age III and the next Mass Effect sequel.

While Plants vs. Zombies is available on almost every platform you can think of (except for Virtual Boy, I know, quite the disappointment), a AAA title would be a change from the studio norm of developing games centered around the mobile universe.

PopCap is currently working on Plants Vs. Zombies 2 and recently purchased websites related to the title Garden Warfare. Little is known about the sequel, though a rumor from Kotaku back in August suggested the game could be a Team Fortress 2-style multiplayer shooter.

What do you think of this? Would it be a smart move for PopCap to venture into a Team Fortress 2-style game with FUSE on the horizon? Let us know in the comments!

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