Play Evolve for Free This Weekend on Xbox One, Then Get 50% Off From September 8th

This weekend Xbox One players will be able to get stuck in to 2K’s Evolve for absolutely zilch.

Evolve will be available to all Xbox One players who have an active Xbox Live Gold membership to download and play this coming weekend, starting on September 4th all the way through until September 7th.

During the weekend of free monster slaying you’ll be able to partake in every game mode that is currently available as well as try out the Predator Skin Mega Bundle. That’s not all – you’ll also be given the opportunity to play as some of the add-on characters that are normally paid DLC.

Once the free weekend has run its course you then have the option to buy Evolve at a reduced rate as part of next week’s Deals With Gold. How reduced? 50% reduced! Not too shabby, then.

Keep in mind that to be eligible for the free weekend and the discount that comes soon after, you’ll need to have an active Xbox Live Gold membership.

Will you be dipping in to Evolve this weekend, or has the bad press completely put you off? Roar one off in the comments section below.

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