Playstation Asia Makes a Massive Balls-Up by Quoting the “Death” of the PS Vita

Do Asian countries have the dole? Hopefully so, because whoever is in charge of the PlayStation Asia official Facebook page is probably going to be heading down to the local job centre to find new employment sometime later today.

It’s not unusual for publishers, platform holders and developers to re-tweet or re-post links to reviews/articles related to their products, but usually we see a bit more care given. Confused? Take a look at the image down below which was screen-capped from the PlayStation Asia Facebook page:

ps vita dead

Those words aren’t actually PlayStation Asia’s – they come from Destructoid’s review of Tearaway Unfolded for the PS4. So the big questions is: why the devil did the lad/ladette choose to quote that sentence? Are they fed up of working for Sony? Do they secretly hate the Vita? Is it a plant from Nintendo/Microsoft? Either way, it’s a colossal cock-up that’ll earn the platform holder a good ribbing, because in all honesty, it is a pretty funny thing to see.

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