PlayStation TV Has to be Worth a Shot at This Price, Right?

The PlayStation Vita and the home-console/top-box hybrid will go down in gaming history as the biggest failures ever presented to the gaming public. It’s not that they’re bad devices by any means, in fact, we really enjoy the PS Vita, and we’re particularly impressed with the PlayStation TV now that we can play most titles on the device, but the lack of support from Sony and major third-party publishers has left a lot to be desired.

Sure, we’ve seen some great games for the system – and we’re still seeing some great games from dedicated indie developers – but the big stuff dried up pretty quickly.

Still, for those who’ve never even picked up either of the devices there’s a lot to enjoy. The PlayStation TV can (with a little meddling) play some of the best games available for the Vita. It’s also capable of running pretty much every PSP and PS1 Classic, not to mention streaming PS3 games with PS Now and PS4 games via Remote Play. It’s a great little machine, but the fact that Sony is treating it like a ginger step-child is baffling. More support please!

If you’re interested in the Vita’s catalogue of games and have been saving those PS Plus goodies for the past couple of years, you can’t really go wrong by spending just under $34 on the thing. What will let you down – BIG TIME – is that the proprietary memory cards are still obscenely priced, but if you can find a used one for cheap then it’s not so bad.

It’s still a decent price, even if you do buy a small 8GB memory card; you’re basically get a PS Vita for a fraction of the release-day cost. This keyboard monkey remembers paying over £275 for a console, a memory card and a game. Oh the pain. The massive, massive pain.

  1. Sony seriously does not know what they heck its doing any more. heck, they don’t even know why the PS4 is such a success. When everybody else knows why. Everybody thought it was the more powerful system for a lower price and had none of the messed up DRM microshaft was trying to force on us. But now the X1 is cheaper and most games are equal or even better in some circumstances, which kills the perception of the PS4 being superior and insetad makes them look equally capable. Sony has let all this happen because they are idiots. I don’t mean to sound racist, because believe me I’m not but the fact that its ran by Japanese is part of the problem. The Japanese seem lost. They don’t know what they are doing anymore. The American and Europeans have far superseded them. So when the PS4 community cries out for what they want, the leaders don’t listen. And instead give them crap nobody is asking for because they think its what people want. Instead of just listening to what people want.

  2. With Gravity Rush remastered comming to PS4.. there is no need for anything PSV or TV related. Last 2 big games I wanted to play were Gravity Rush an Uncharted golden Abyss.. with the Uncharted HD colection not having Golden Abyss i can kiss it good bye forever. But at least Gravity rush is comming!

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