PlayStation VR Game White Day Gets Tons of New Details on Story and Cast of Characters; It’s an Official Remake

Sony Computer Entertainment Korea’s press conference took place a little earlier today, and during the event the firm announced a new game that will be coming to the PlayStation VR platform. No solid release dates just yet, but we do know it’s coming in 2016, we just don’t know exactly when. What we do have is details on the game’s story and the cast of characters who will be the stars in this romantic-horror adventure-game.

The game is being developed by Korean outfit Roi Games who are actually remaking the original game. Yes, there was a game before this called White Day: A Labyrinth Named School and this PS VR game is an official remake.

There’s an official website for the game that has given us some details on the game’s setting, story and characters. Although this is a remake, it’s not going to follow the exact same step as its original and some things will be a little different.

Note: Please excuse any and all grammatical anomalies; translation tools still have some way to go…

Official description

Fear of March 13 was revived in 14 years …
White Day: This is the official remake of the labyrinth named School (2015), the Republic of Korea horror adventure game ‘Legend’ game of the same name that is remembered as the PC package (less than 2001). In the PC package, but it moved to the smartphone platform, and visual manipulation, content and more. All face a power-up to match the latest trends and “full version” in the “Director’s Cut”, while the original unique sensibility and horror, and the game Castle intact. This user is a favorite as well as the original user in contact with the new White Day also aims to horror games of the highest quality can be satisfied.


Not long ago transferred to the State of the Union School on “Yihuimin ‘is the same age girls meet by chance hansoyoung ‘love at first sight.
Huimin gained from the first encounter between the diary she left to think that delivered a small gift with a diary in line with, Finish upcoming White Day, March 13 found the night goes to school.

But in the darkness of the night locked in the school, was no longer a school he knew.
Huimin has been trapped rusting even blocked the way out wandering to find a way out of the school with other schools, including So Young girls remained in school. It is gradually approaching slowly and stand at the core of the conspiracy …

We can not defeat the enemy. Unconditional called Run!
Screen bloody and cruel eyes can not be seen rising production … images of horror games that can be commonly thought, but is White Day in such a brutal scene, of course, does not add any weapons such as guns or knives appeared. Alter ego of the protagonist of the players are just a helpless students. However, there are a variety of schools, including the threat possessed by demons ‘water’. The user will be unconditionally hide or run away to survive in this extreme environment in the State of the Union must solve the mystery of high school.

Gameplay Features

Dense scenarios. Ending Multi System
The White Day ‘with the maze trapped character named school, and they developed a story that weaves the fascinating, yet dense. Depending on the choice of the user behavior has changed that scenario, multiple endings systems’ adoption. All is ready for the seven endings. Also featured are all devils has a background setting based on “ghost schools”, it can be found a variety of ghost stories in the game.


The alter ego of the protagonist and player this work
What came before transfer to the State of boys high school. Quiet and calm personality even half as friends because lice can not stay still friendly. It looks neat and seemingly yen due to glaze gopsang-looking appearance, enough to come to school in the middle of the night to confess to your favorite girls have a bold face. It looks like an ordinary student, anywhere you can see, the only weapon he could get through the school gloom full of courage danger of inner words should have.

Girl’ve closed your mind to her sister’s death
Huimin has an excellent appearance, so is contrary to see at a glance.

Famous female beyond strangers in school thanks to a superb nature beauty, but not forthcoming with the right attitude unfriendly, and due to the bad rumors around a little friend. At least since the days spent as a child only pal Amy is her only friend. In fact, the former was a bright and lively nature, close to the heart after the death of her sister a few years ago was darkened gradually.

She looked up at the school late at night to talk with the dead sister school students was also rumored overlaps, the hero of the sinister rumors have to climb down to the mouth of children. But I do not care about him, still preoccupied with something of your own.
“The others do not matter Borden me. What I want to know the” truth “just that”

Cool girl cool personality to worst
Girl was in school the night of March 13 with delay
Girls with short hair cheerful personality is well suited. Even strangers to look at why jugido the impression that because dangdol for outspoken. The blunt talk to anyone, always honest, even in emotions. Probably because such a character, Amy, and are often angry arguing for So Young fine, but like good friends. But after seeing that there are also seemingly surprising aspect she wants to hide.
“The more spirit when this happens the ball all the year round! Who borane mean gomgomhi think that the more people you can trust!”

Tender girl’s heart is inspired outstanding
Girls with big eyes give the impression of pure looks over glasses. So Young and Shengya only with both chinhaji, especially with So Young grew up as good friends since childhood. Because the heart is suffering severe side whenever you get mad at the Shengya So Young. Many also fear that the timid pyeonyira told the story often lack confidence. Owners also reject the tender heart who asked not to hate the sound of others. Not getting fit and So Young people going off cold and very worried. While struggling to revert to the old look was bright and cheerful So Young again, not maetjin the effort paid off yet.
“It was wrong in the first place geotbuteo come to school. Everything is strange. No one … can not believe.”

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