Pokemon 2DS Systems Coming to Japan

Nintendo handhelds have historically been known for Tetris, Mario Kart and Pokemon. Well, now you can get a 2DS themed around Pokemon on February 27, 2016. Well as long as you live in Japan.

In a move that will delight Pokemon fans everywhere, Nintendo are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Pokemon with four 2DS systems that come pre-installed with games corresponding to their colours – Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. Not only that, the 2DS Systems come with special stickers and a code to download Mew for Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, as well as later Pokemon games.


Nintendo announced earlier this year that the remakes of the classic Gameboy Color games, Pokemon Blue, Yellow and Red, would be coming to the 3DS eShop on February 27th, and would include wireless trade and battle functionality.

As per Mewsual, the Systems have not been announced for North America yet, Eevee though the series has enjoyed success that is not to be Snivy’d at. It wouldn’t be too Farfetch’d to assume they might appear in other regions, so don’t be Grimer, as those Seaking these systems may Seel them in the future, with Lotad of luck.

The Games Cabin apologises in advance for the number of puns in that least paragraph.

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