Pokemon Direct Scheduled For February 26th, 7am PT

Pokemon is a worldwide monstrous phenomenon, and Nintendo has big plans for its acclaimed IP. With 2016 being Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, we can expect some pretty big news and content for the series for the next several months; starting with Nintendo of America announcing a special Pokemon direct to be aired on February 26th, one day before the worldwide release of Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow for the 3DS’ Virtual Console.


Over on Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account, a tweet has been translated stating that the Direct is around the 5 minute mark in length.

We suspect the direct will consist of one last reminder of the classic games re-release and maybe – just maybe – a sneaky trailer for a new title coughs Pokemon Z coughs to end the Direct.

No details have been given in regards to the broadcast, though a mention of Pokemon Go! Pokken or a potential new game reveal is a high possibility- a Pokefanatic would predict a new entry in the X & Y series, more ideally named ‘Pokemon Z’.

Be sure to head on over to Nintendo’s site for the broadcast at 7pm Pacific Time or 11am for us over in the UK.


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