Pokemon GO: Best Ultra League Pokemon

Pokemon GO Ultra League icons
Images via The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon GO Ultra League undoubtedly has many players wondering which Pokemon are the best to put on their teams. This format allows the use of some Legendaries and Ultra Beasts from the Pokemon GO Ultra Wormholes. If you’re looking to keep up amid a field of so many powerful Pokemon, then here’s what you need to know about the best Pokemon GO Ultra League Pokemon.

Pokemon GO: Best Ultra League Pokemon

Registeel, who is currently the best Pokemon in the Pokemon GO Ultra League.

As of now, the best-performing Pokemon in the Pokemon GO Ultra League is the Legendary Steel-type from Hoenn, Registeel. Registeel’s overall high stats, impressive bulk, shield pressure capabilities, and solid offensive potential make it a versatile Pokemon that can fill multiple different roles on any given team.

Registeel also has good match-ups against other strong Legendaries in the format, such as Cresselia and Altered Forme Giratina. Registeel’s most common moveset features Lock On as its Fast Attack. It also forgoes same-type-attack-bonus Charged Attacks in favour of two coverage moves, Zap Cannon and Focus Blast.

Supporting Pokemon

A shiny Swampert in Pokemon GO

Trainers can then build around Registeel in order to establish the best possible team for the Pokemon GO Ultra League. Pokemon like Trevenant and Virizion support Registeel well by threatening some of its biggest counters, such as Swampert and Galarian Stunfisk.

Other threats to Registeel’s dominance include Scrafty and Escavlier. Players will be able to deal with these enemy Pokemon more easily by bringing Pokemon like Buzzwole and Giratina, respectively. On the flip side, players should consider bringing a Swampert or Galarian Stunfisk of their own to counter opposing Registeel. 

Finally, a Pokemon like Dubwool can make a strong, albeit volatile, addition to any team. Dubwool fares well against many common Pokemon while faring poorly against many other common Pokemon. Even so, it can pull off some crucial plays if used correctly.

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